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CADCAM Wizards:

Optimize Cut Width and Cut Depth

CADCAM Wizards are an amazing tool for beginners and experts alike. They manage to simultaneously optimize feeds and speeds to a greater degree than almost any expert can while at the same time asking many fewer and simpler questions than any "normal" Feeds and Speed Calculator.

Personally, I always start with CADCAM Wizards when I'm calculating feeds and speeds.


For beginners, CADCAM Wizards are the simplest possible way to start with feeds and speeds. They ask you the absolute minimum number of questions and figures out all the details for itself. Want to cut a pocket? Tell it which machine, which material, the depth of the pocket, and the minimum corner radius and it will give you back a complete cutting recipe that includes what tool to use and separate roughing and finishing recipes complete with cut depth, cut width, and full feeds and speeds all worked out for you. There's nothing else like it out there and nothing could be simpler.


For experts wanting the maximum performance, CADCAM Wizards analyze your cutting problem in ways you never dreamed were even possible. Feeds and Speeds Calculators are awesome (hey, you knew we had to say that, right?), but they're totally dependant on starting with good Cut Width and Cut Depth. Those two limit everything else. So why not start out with good values there?

Here's what CADCAM Wizards can do:

651 Scenarios Tested!

When was the last time you tried over 600 different possible combinations of Cut Width and Cut Depth to find the absolute best one for your job? Probably never. It makes me tired just thinking of it. Most of us go by rules of thumb and what has always worked, or we just use whatever we tried last time.

That's why we built CADCAM Wizard: it takes the drudgery out of finding the best combinations for you!

If you're looking for the best MRR's, you gotta try this out!

Design for Manufacturing: Tips to Make Your Design Easier to Manufacture

Design for Manufacturing is CADCAM Wizard's built-in expert system that keeps an eye out for problematic Feeds and Speeds challenges. It will tell you right away if what you're contemplating is likely to be unduly expensive or hard to do because of such challenges. For example, if a pocket is too deep relative to the insider corner radius, you wind up having to use a long skinny endmill that is prone to deflection and breaking. CADCAM Wizard knows and will warn you down in the DFM are at the bottom left.

DFM tells you the problem with this pocket is corner radii are too small relative to pocket depth

Using CADCAM Wizards

Here are the videos that tell you how to use CADCAM Wizards from our G-Wizard University:


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