Dec 15, Aaron. Haven’t wasted a tool since GWizard. I’m still a rookie at machining and have made lots of mistakes (lots of broken tools, particularly every time I tried something new). In contrast to my experience before GWizard, it’s a weird feeling cutting something new or using a new tool or doing something particularly aggressive—pressing the start button and waiting for something terrible to happen, and the tool just starts gliding through the workpiece. The only time something unexpected happened, I had made a mistake entering the info.

The ability to put in the limitations of my machine is the *key*. My spindle only goes up to 2K, so being able to enter that limitation and still get useful numbers out has remade this machine. Thanks!

Oct 11, Doug. Nice product! I have already reduced a six hour 3D finish cycle for a fairly large sign to just over an hour.

Aug 1, Wayne. Have been programing mill, turn mills, wire EDM’s for over 20 years and your calculator is on the money. I do recommended your G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds Calculator to others.

Jul 14, Randy. Found some time to start using the GW Calc to setup for some 303 Stainless, late yesterday.  Quite remarkable in the difference in speed, feed, and Conventional vs Climb mill, from what I was running according to the tool manufacture.  That sold me !  Stainless just eats tools in my opinion ( I’m an Aluminum guy ).  But as we grow, I’m forced to make more stainless parts, faster.   

Thanks for a great product !

Jul 10, Tony. I must say that your software has not only aided in my tool set ups but has also in an unexpected way served as a teaching tool. I am understanding more about CNC in the last few days from your software than I have in the last 6 months preparing for the delivery of my new machine. For that, the cost for your software to me is worth 3 times as much as you charge.

Apr 29, Haas Application Engineer. I’m receiving some great results from the G-Wizard calculator. I’ve done almost no fine tuning with the speeds and feeds at the machine!

Apr 5, Tyson. Manufacturing engineer here. I couldn't get by without GWizard. Run the calcs, write the code, and hit cycle start. No oldschool machinist voodoo methods...just good parts right away.

Mar 28, Bill. Bob, I have used the information in G Wizard to machine a slot .375 deep x.07 wide x .171 long. The end mill was .062Dia. I Have never done this without breaking at least one cutter. This time the speeds and feed from G Wizard were perfect. I thank you and your staff. Keep up the great work.

Mar 28, EL. Your program really helps me save time.  I get to finish my programs faster, don't waste time on broken tools, and I know faster if I screwed up a program and have more time left to fix it.

Mar 20, Jason. FYI, I have used GWizard to accurately estimate and win over $20million worth of Aerospace machined parts projects - Good job Bob Warfield and thanks for making this product.

Mar 18, Stan. Great program. I’ve been able to save a considerable amount of cutting time by adjusting the depth , width and feed. 

Mar 18, Jay. I am trying your calculator and am surprised at how wrong I have been on feeds and speeds. I've only been doing this for 45 years!

Mar 9, Dan. I'm enjoying your product very much, no more broken endmills.

Jan 24, Ray. It's going very well Bob. We use your program every day. It makes us feel more confident that
we are using proper techniques and tools executing our program speeds and feeds.


Dec 29, Doug. Time is money and so is tool life so this is good news!  I look forward to reviewing my HSM feed rates that I specified for the trochoidal tool paths I might save a ton of time...G-Wizard and G-Wizard Editor are so amazingly helpful for setting up new programs in unfamiliar materials!  The poke, listen and sniff method is woefully inadequate! 

Dec 29, Bert. I love this product and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it even more useful. It’s worth every penny as it is, and it only gets better and better over time!

Dec 23, Tim. Really enjoying the GWizard Calculator! I use it every day!

Dec 12, Ron. I knew that I would buy G-Wizard after the first job that I set up. I can setup and run jobs that my friends who have machine shops would no-quote and I'm using a CNC router.

Dec 9, Doug. The software is working great. managed to decrease cycle time on a 304 sst job by 50% with the addition of a variable helix endmill and g-wizards' recommended feeds and speeds.

Nov 29, Tom. I’ve used GW-calculator since its 1st roll-out. Despite having 50+ yrs as a professional machinist I was a “rookie” working with a new little hobby mill given to me as a gift. Using the “rules of thumb” that I learned with larger machines, I kept breaking the tiny end mills. So I Initially got GW for use with my home shop hobby machine…it performs very well. However, I quickly saw it as a huge asset for my business too. GW is beneficial on all of my machines, from my tiny bench mill to our Cat 40 & 50 taper 3, 4, and 5-axis VMC’s. It is as sophisticated as it needs to be – super simple for our rookie apprentice to use, yet still allows our more experienced machinists to make chips more profitably than ever.

Oct 29, Jim. Enjoying my GW fixation daily and machining more and more with correct toolpaths!!!!!

Oct 17, Gary. I'm a real fan of G-Wizard!

Oct 7, Dustin. I must say that I'm liking the calculator. It is much easier than going through all the charts in the Machinery Handbook.

Jul 14, Evan. Absolutely awesome product by the way. I was new to CNC milling a year ago and I'm making parts faster and better than I ever could have imagined. 

Jun 30, Isaac. This calc is beautiful. 60-62 Rc D2 on a Haas VF2, cuts like a dream as long as you are using the right tools & tool path strategy.....OSG WXS & MasterCAM Dynamic Milling.

Jun 28, Ed, I just wanted to tell you how much I really like your program. I use it every time I program a part. At first, I was a little bit nervous because some of the feeds and speeds seemed a little higher than I would have programmed based on my “experience”. But I have been using the numbers that I get from your program at face value and am surprised how well it works. I was nervous at first thinking that I was going to destroy a few tools but now I find that I can trust the numbers and am really happy with the results. I use BobCAD as my primary CAM software. It has suggested feeds and speeds based on the tool parameters but does not take into account tool stickout and flex. I almost never used their numbers because more often than not, I ended up ruining tools if I used the suggested speeds and feeds. When I talked to them about it, they said the numbers were a starting point and should be considered as supplemental to good practice whatever that means. But with your program, I have learned to trust the numbers that G-Wizard comes up with. It was a real eye opener to find out just how far off my “experience” was. Sometimes I find that my gut feeling was too conservative and sometimes too aggressive. I have been using it several times a day for about a month and have yet to see it lead me in the wrong direction. Machine time is way way less than it was when I was guessing at the parameters and I have not ruined a single tool. I am going to suggest that BobCAD talk to you about licensing your program as an add-on to their software. It would be a big improvement to their package. I have tried blue swarf and one other calculator, but nothing works as good as G-Wizard. Good Job.

Jun 26, Dave. I am using G-Wizard every day to fine tune my programs for Mastercam. It looks like I have been underfeeding thinking I am doing the right thing by “babying” the mill and the cutting tools.

From a 2015, here is what people tell their friends about why they should get G-Wizard Calculator too:

- Simple to use, takes a lot out of "guesswork" and has you running your machine with optimized cutting parameters quickly, plus a bunch of other useful features.

- It's the best feeds and speeds calculator out there and they keep updating with additional features.

- The feeds and speeds are the best. Threads, use it all the time, just wish there was a better print for it.  The Geometry is very good and use it very often, makes my job so much easier.  Thanks much for a great product, Best thing I ever did was get the life time subscription. 

- Several of my customers phone me for feed and speed advice so I send them the link so I can get extra time on my subscription and maybe get to lifetime membership. Seriously I tell them that is is by far the most complete package. I have had cutter failures with other calculators because of unasked questions like stickout
It cuts through the "old timer wisdom" and opinions and substitutes hard rational facts. 

- It will keep your tools alive, by far worth the cost of the software in the tool savings it provides.

- You can expect faster cycle times, longer tool life, and better looking parts over the "seat of the pants" feeds and speeds programming you were using.

- I tell them how well it gives "real world" F&S,  the money it would save by having fewer scrapped parts and broken tools, easy to use,  as sophisticated as they wanted to be = easy to learn and "grow into".

- Speeds and feeds are conservative, usually produce good results, and is better for tool life.

- It is very easy to use and the results you get from the calculator are WAY better than guessing what the rates should be.

- It's just a great calculator putting every thing together.

- Saves you needing to know / understand the mechanics and theories behind speed and feed calculations.

- That it's accurate, convenient, and affordable.

- It was fast simple and made me unleash the full potential of my machines

- Any time I talk about machining I recomend you product to help with the difficult task of calculating feeds and speeds.  It is especially helpful to people new to mill work.

- It automatically takes care of all the variables---Great!!

- The best and easiest way to get the correct speed and feeds information.

- Genius calculations that simplify machining!

- Easy to use.  Gets my feeds and speeds right the first time.

- It is excellent, a great value and a necessity.

- I'll simply give examples of some parts with improved cycle time and increased cutter life.

- It is a great tool for speeds and feed on all kind of materials and tools.

- I tell them how easy it is to use and it is constantly updating and improving.

- The ability to get good speeds and feeds quickly and accurately.

- I tell them that it will make them money if they use it.

- I tell them that they would be wasting time and tooling if they dont.

- I tell them that it takes the guesswork out of wondering whether your machine can handle the work your about to give it - that they wouldn't need to worry about their "cut recipe" being the reason something was going wrong

- It will calculate your exact feeds and speeds so that you don't break any tools or burn the material

- Not having to deal with Machinery's Handbook :P Seriously though, I thought they would like saving time and money.

- It takes into account many factors that are almost never advised upon by tool manufacturers.  The simple addition of tool stick out as it relates to potential flex can be a life saver.

- I tell them how great it works on small cutters in 17-4 (.015-.047 dia)  Cutters are generally 30+ a pop

- Access to most all machining info without searching Machinist Handbook

- I tell them that's it's required to get into this field without a TON of experience or trail and error.  To get into CNC production without using G-Wizard would simply be foolish.

- Mostly that it cuts through the fog and hype sometimes encountered from venders and  gives solid, usable info when you need it.

- It's the "no thinking" solution to picking the right cutting speed.

- Improved feeds over tool charts

- Speed, ease of use, increased production, greatly reduced cut times.

- That with the feeds and speeds calculator, you can increase work quality and time!

- That it's the best stand alone software available for speeds/feeds and that it is actively updated.

- You make your money back in bits you do not ruin.

- It avoids having wasted time with slow cutting or not destroying tools with fast cuts

- That it takes a lot of the guess work out of feeds and speeds.  Makes you more confident from the get go.

Email from Customers:

May 29, Patrick, Love the software, it's incredibly handy because I run a welding manufacturing shop and I'm new getting into the machining side of things. So this works out great to quickly and confidently determine the right settings to use for the application. Thank you for checking in!

April 15, Eric: Love the product and use it every day.

April 15, Jeffrey: G wizard seems to be working great! I did two very tough jobs using the software and they came out better then expected! 

April 8, Colin: Overall I have to say I think you have a great piece of software with g-wizard.  I am kicking myself I think when I started learning how to optimize cutting parameters years ago I could have really benefited from using this software. 

Mar 2, Jim: I am very happy with the G-Wizard Calculator trial. It really opened my eyes to properly setting up your tool for optimal performance. I was using a .500" Carbide 4FL going to total pocket depth of .800" in hot rolled carbon steel. The path ran faster, cleared more material, gave better surface finishes and showed very minimal tool wear if any! I was able to manipulate my current CAM system (Alibre CAM 2.0 by MecSoft) with the information G-Wizard gave to fine tune the paths of this pocket feature. I am amateur at best and have had good results but G-Wizard really helped me out. Your "Cookbooks" were a wealth of information. I am not sure why shop professors and co-workers/bosses never wanted to share or possibly acknowledged this information. In short, the process described above went from roughly 4 minutes to 2.5!

Feb 25, Dan: Bob, I have been using GWizard for a long wihle now and it has been a great resource from day one. Three weeks ago a customer emailed me a PO. I usually do 5,000 units a month for this customer however, this time they doubled up and asked for 10,000 units. Gratefull for the extra work I place an order for raw stock with my suppier. Long story short, with weather delays and administrative errors, my shippment did not arrrive until yesterday. Now more that a week behind I was struggiling to eek out any extra productivity possible, and then I remebered GWizard. For some reason we never updated the speeds and feeds on this particular program when we upgraded from our old Tormach PCNC1100 to our Haas VF2. With a few clicks this morning I was able to reduce cycle time from just over 17 minutes to 8 minutes and change. Thanks Bob for such a wonderful and astounding product.

Feb 11, Tim: Bob, this morning I was programming a part on BobCad, I let it use its own setting. Well it chattered half way through the cut and chipped the insert. So I checked it with your G Wizard and set it to your feeds and speeds and it runs great. I'll be checking every set up with the G Wizard.

Feb 7, Ian: I only have a small CNC lathe in my garage in the garden, 1.5kw motor and 640 kg   have setup the machine details after seeing it done in your video, have limited the power to something like 1.2kw and set the slider towards the tortoise and have reduced a  previous job that took 5mins   down to 3 minutes with your data and has a better finish.

Also using your data I have now successfully cut stainless quite quickly,  where before I was getting a lot of chatter as the machine is not as butch/rigid as a 2 ton £xxxxxxx machine,   the stainless is a lot less forgiving for incorrect speeds and feeds than than the ally, the stainless part is a 50mm long bolt  from 16mm bar, but a quick play on G-wizard has pointed me in the right direction and they are now coming out very nice.

Jan 28, David: I have been very impressed with G-Wizard. As a pretty new CNC programmer/operator (less than 2 years programming and running mills, 5 years on lathes), I have learned volumes from the articles on your website. I don't have any formal training. I just walked into the trade by working at a machine shop owned by my Father. We make close tolerance aircraft parts for Cessna and Gulf Stream among others.

Learning to use cam software and operate CNC equipment came easily to me, but I was really lacking in knowledge of feeds and speeds. I had been having a lot of trouble with tool flexing and chatter. G-Wizard immediately allowed me to see what I was doing wrong. I wasn't even thinking about axial cutting depth versus stick out. All I had heard was "just stick to a depth equal to the cutter diameter". The speeds and feeds I've been told to use have resulted in low chip loads, even when roughing!

Not to mention low MRR's. The shop manager has excellent manual machining skills, apparently not so great on CNC. I just reduced the run time on a part by 1 hour. I was a little apprehensive about using the feeds and speeds from G-Wizard, because the material sets in the mill at a 14 degree angle on an angled fixture and the cuts are both uphill and down hill. So far so good, no tool breakage. The part profile is no longer shiny, but now I know that's a good thing for the cutters. Every programmer should be using software like this.

Jan 10, Ed: Feedback.  Very good.  I’ve been asking for this for 30 years from the CAM guys. (Teksoft , MasterCam, etc.) This program is the “go to “ source for speeds and feeds. My compliments.


Nov 13, Jesse: I truly am enjoying the simplicity of your software. I can calculate speeds and feeds easily with the vast database of tools and materials G-wizard offers. I'm also very fond of the chamfer diameter calculator. 

Sep 30, Joe: Thanks A Lot Bob.  This software is THE GREATEST TOOL in my extra goodies tool box. Thanks Again for all the work you put into this project I can’t thank you enough as I am sure a lot of people feel the same way about the tool that you provide .

Sep 22, Matt: I am mad I didn't look into the calculator sooner, it is pretty bad ass.  Thanks for all you do.

Sep 9, Tom: keep up the great work Bob - we appreciate it very much. We tell everyone we meet about G-Wizard :-)

Sep 8, Luis: Everything is great, I’m testing it now with my head machinists and we’re getting great results. This program is excellent. Thank you very much.

Aug 27, John:  I am HIGHLY impressed with these tools thus far. Having owned/used every conceivable HIGH end CAM package as well as a Solidworks daily user; I reach for your software daily! Having been born into the family business and now in my 27th year at the wheel here I've seen my share of "machinist aid" software and this BY FAR packs the most punch for the dollar value. Shop owners would be fools not having a seat of G-Wizard Calc, at bare minimum.

Aug 24, Kris: Love your GWizard software, I have found it to be a very helpful resource for someone just starting out in CNC.

Jul 7, Shane: I have found G-Wizard to be remarkably easy to use and understand, compared to the complicated and expensive way I was using to find my feed rates before.

Jun 18, Jonathan: I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for developing and supporting such an excellent program as GWizard. Before I discovered your product, I was at the mercy of charts and guess-and-check for feed & speed. I have started to read your website and blog posts, and I have learned much from reading your publications and using GWizard.

Jun 13, Joshua: I brag on GWizard whenever I can, it's great for someone moving from a one-material career to cutting pretty much anything on the planet.

Jun 7, Jamie: Everything is running great thanks the software paid for itself instantly! 

May 24, Jeff: Total Newb w/ a Hobby 1HP Mill and a crazy idea I could jump straight into CNC/CAM and 'hard milling' on 1045 Steel plasmacut into products.    WOW!  I did it.   we're running and dial in.  BUT  Big Hug But.  I could not have done it w/o G-wizard.  After using that "other tool" and wreaking 2 very nice Carbide cutters I install G-Wizard and began cutting real well the instant I plugged in the values from G. wizard.   I  completed our very first EVER customer part in about 1 hour!   I'm sold and am a memory for Life. 

Being a Newbie and reading and getting book smart is one thing.  Having a real tool for the real work is well  Priceless.  ( :-)

May 23, Mike: I am amazed at all the data that is available when using the G-Wizard.  I've been in the business for 43 years and sure wish something like this was around "back in the day" :-).  We had to do everything long hand and relied on the Machinery Handbook, old timers and the sound of the tool in the work to get proper speeds and feeds.  You have taken a lot of that work out of the process now with G-Wizard.

May 22, Justin: Just wanted to mention that I am enjoying this tool. It has proven very convenient!

May 22, Frank: I have just started to get familiar with the program.  So far so good!  I am impressed at all  of the thought consideration and work that went into what will be a useful tool for my shop!

May 8, Steve: Keep up the good work!  I am cutting a huge piece of 15-5 PH stainless right now and the feeds and speeds g-wizard use are coming out beautifully!  The guys in the shop are quite impressed.

March 30, Phil: Just wanted to let you know how much I value your G-Wizard software.  I use multiple CAD/CAM systems for my machines, but yours is my go-to for speeds and feeds.  I just cut a bunch of 10mm deep pockets with a 1/16" x .500 LOC carbide endmill.  6061 aluminum, but only one rather expensive endmill.  Just the one, with no breaking from deflection or dull corners from rubbing.  Truly masterful, sir!

March 29, Jon: G-wizard has really made teaching speeds and feeds to my students a whole lot easier...and easier for them to understand.

February 1, Aaron: I'm very happy with G wizard!  I'm new to CNC machining.  Over the past 3 months I purchased a machine, taught myself how to create programs and operate it.  All with no assistance.  The trickiest past for me has been  determining proper feeds and speeds.  With G-Wizards assistance I have my programs running beautifully and now have the confidence to begin full scale production of my parts.  Thank you for such a fantastic product.  

January 21, Doug: It has been great so far just in the first time I used it  I gained 2x in cutting time by optimizing the cut. The trial and error has been reduced in time and material x10.this program was just what I needed .

January 21, Stefano: Everythings good on using G-Wizard, it's very simply and effective, very nice software. Thank you for you support.

January 9, Joe: Again I just want to say what a huge asset you speed and feed calculator is to me.  I am self taught and this software really speeds up my time programming mastercam.   In my humble opinion I think it is excellent and I tell everyone about it.  They reply to me that Mastercam has a speed and feed calculator and I just laugh because they just don't understand how much time this tool saves me.  Everything I do is one off, and I don't get a lot of time to play.  I can depend on your tool to help me be fast but not break tools or damage my equipment. 

"We depend on delighted customers who help us get the word out about our software." Bob Warfield