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Home Machine Shop Hall of Fame, Page 5

Bogstandard's Tidy Shop

Bogstandard has been one of the great contributors on the HMEM boards. I hear he gets around a lot of other places, but haven't spotted him elsewhere yet. His projects on HMEM have captured my interest many times, and I've learned a number of things from John. So, I thought it only fitting that his shop would be at the top of my 5th page in the Hall of Fame.

This is his original shop. I think it is likely considerably updated with a new knee mill and nicer lathe, but you can get an idea of what it takes for a talented machinist to accomplish his miracles from these photos:

Atlas lathe with tidy rack for QCTP holders above and chucks, lathe dogs, and other items below. Mill drill is on the right...

Surface plate on right along with some bench area for fine assembly work. A bit more machinery on the left...

Jigsaw, 3-in-1 sheet metal tool, and more bench area...

Here's a better view of the workbench. Note the brazing and silver soldering area with fire brick. That's handy!

That big bin holds a stash of goodies. I could use about 3 of those for my own shop!

Anso Knives

A Danish knifemaker opens his shop doors. I've always been interested in trying my hand at knife making.

Workbench for fine hand tool work and assembly...

Engraver and a Drill press left set up with tapping head. Knives need a lot of small screws!

Many small drill presses stay set up to cut down on changing setups so much. Note the golf ball handles...

Row O' Belt Grinders, A disc grinder, and a small bandsaw. Dust removal system is a must given how much grinding a knife requires!

How to make a belt driven surface grinder from the remnants of a knee mill. Heat treat kiln is also handy.

Double sided belt grinder is very cool too! All these grinders were shopmade and not purchased...

Nice little mill drill...

...and a Boxford lathe round out the picture...

Firebird's Play Area

Firebird is a regular contributor on HMEM and shared with us his wonderful two shop arrangement. The garage shop is for woodworking, but with some useful gadgets available. Then there is a dedicated metalworking shop that's brand new and rather nicely appointed.

Garage/Woodworking facing the outside door...

Looking the other way one can see Firebird's nice shopmade disc sander. Is that a die filer atop the disc sander? Methinks...

And on the other side is a wood-cutting bandsaw with improved table arangement...

Now here is the really nifty metal shop...

Torch, tool grinder, mill and lathe, with plenty of storage under counters. Love the rolling platforms under the bins!

Lots of room to grow it looks like!

Captain Kirk never had it so good on the Enterprise!

Tidy little mill...

Venerable Myford...

And the homely, but ubiquitously useful, 4x6 bandsaw...

RTravis100's Haas Shop

RTravis100 is a contributor on CNCZone who manufactures some aircraft parts (statis port covers) in his home shop:

Centerpiece of the shop is this Haas Super Mini Mill 2...

Big compressor and air dryer are needed to keep the CNC happy...

Nice 13x40 lathe and horizontal bandsaw...

Wow, very nice cabinets by StorLoc. Apparently this whole setup was around $7000...

Love the pull out shelves. They're like instant tables...

Tool holder storage is very nice too!

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