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Interested in Machining Gears or Gear Design?

Then you need Gearotic Gear Design Software.

It's a specialized CAD/CAM program designed for gears by Art Fennerty, the creator of Mach 3.


Gear Design Software


Powerful for Experts, Simple for Beginners
Gear Design Software
Gears are modeled as full mathematical involutes. Design spur gears, escapements, ratchets, elliptical gears, heck design gears with arbitrary shapes that were imaginary, until you create them.

Seriously cool features like point and click spoke design with hundreds of spoke patterns.



Gearotic Gear Design Software

Gearotic Gear Design Software


Our Guarantee

After purchase, if you're not completely satisfied, tell us within 30 days for a full refund.

Gear Simulation
Design a gear train and simulate how it will perform.   


CAD Output
DXF, 3D DXF, and STL's supported. Paper printouts at 1:1 scale are also available.


G-Code Output
2 1/2D machining and 4th axis machining of gears. Not all gear types support 4th axis if their tooth model isn't compatible with tangential machining.




If Gearotic alone is not enough, how about a special deal?

You know, a deal deal!

Gearotic normally sells for $120, but we've got some special deals for you. Just click the button to see what they are:

Gearotic Purchasing FAQ

Sound Good? It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Download the Gearotic demo.

2. Play with it and decide if you like Gearotic.

3. If you like it, purchase using one of our deals.

Want more information? Art has a whole raft of it on the Gearotic web site.

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