What is Good Teamwork Worth?

GW ShopFloor is a fresh new approach to teamwork and organization for CNC Shops.

It facilitates teamwork and places the information and training resources your team needs right at their fingertips. Everyone will know what's expected of them, how to go about it, how to get help, and how their part fits with what everyone else is doing. That's what we call good teamwork!

GWSF is free while still in development (we call it "Beta Test") and it's super easy to see what it can do for your team.

We're not ready to start Beta Testing yet, but if you think you'd be interested, go ahead and sign up so you hear about it as soon as it starts.Here



G-Wizard ShopFloor
Powerful for Experts, Simple for Beginners


ShopFloor is Super Easy for Everyone.
Why is so much Shop Floor software so hard to use? Why doesn't it work the way you work? Why isn't it more Visual?

The last thing you need is more complicated software to learn. That's why ShopFloor is super easy to learn for everyone and very visual. In fact, it's so easy to learn that we think you'll find using it is a good way to teach everyone what you need them to do and how to do it well. Teamwork should be fun and easy, right?


We hope you’ll consider using G-Wizard ShopFloor to grease the wheels of your shop. 

GWSF is aimed squarely at minimizing the drama so your projects feel calm and under control.

G-Wizard ShopFloor


Our Guarantee

We value your privacy, we do not spam, sell, or share your information.
But, we need a working email to activate your software!


Teams Know What's Expected of Each Member and How It All Fits to Make a Winning Play

GW ShopFloor organizes your projects Visually, using Kanban Cards, the Powerful Visual Task Management System created for Lean Manufacturing.

This is Visual Project Management that works the way you do. You can tell at a glance which things are finished, which are underway, what hasn't been started and all the crucial details that go with all that. Each team member gets a view of the work that's dialed in to what they need to be focused on.

Once you try it and see how natural it feels, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. But we've taken the next step. The original Kanban systems were manual using paper cards. With computers, so much more is possible. When you see the special features we've added just to make it even easier and more powerful for Job Shops and manufacturers, you'll see that this is not ordinary Kanban.


Secret Unreleased Feature #1
It's still early days yet for GW ShopFloor and there's a lot more coming. It's a lot more than just Kanban--you can already buy Kanban Software elsewhere, and you know it takes a lot more to do what we're promising.

GW Shop Floor is a suite of modules that work closely together to create a complete vision to maximize teamwork and productivity across the many very specific activities CNC Shops care most about.

We'll roll out the various modules to the Beta test as they're available, but we're keeping them secret until they are. You'll have plenty of time to influence the product with your feedback along the way.


Secret Unreleased Feature #995?

Did we mention GW ShopFloor is a BIG vision?

We expect this Beta Test to go on for quite a while before we consider it finished and worthy of charging for as a CNCCookbook product. We plan to take our time, listen carefully to feedback, and get it right for you before we try to launch it as a real product. That's just our way.

Stay tuned, it'll happen before you know it and it's worth waiting for.



What's A Beta Test?

Beta Tests are opportunities for Software Developers and Future Users to collaborate. We make the software available for free and call it a "Beta Test." You get something cool for no cost, but in exchange we want your feedback and your patience. There will be bugs in Beta Software, that's par for the course. In fact, since the code is being used for the first time, there's probably more bugs than at any other time in a product's history.

When the Beta Test is all done, and we're ready to start charging, Beta Testers will get a special sweet heart deal on the software as a thank you for all the help.

Beta Testing is not for everyone, but if you're patient and willing to provide feedback, it can offer you a lot of value.

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Powerful Kanban-Style Project Management

Kanban Project Management



Projects are laid out on Kanban Boards using Task Cards

Kanban Boards are fully customizable with templates

Each Task is a Kanban Card. Drag and drop it to signify its status or to change its priority.

Customize Task Cards using templates.
Each team member sees a list of jobs appropriate to what they're assigned to so they're focused
Import and Export "Task Decks" as CSV Files
Create Task Libraries that codify your Shop's Best Practices as documented reusable Task Card Decks
Start With Standard Task Libraries that capture Industry Best Practices that you customize for your specific needs

G-Wizard ShopFloor works on PC's and Macs. It requires an Internet connection when it runs. Detailed System Requirements available here, but for most people it just works.





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