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Try G-Wizard G-Code Viewer:

Throw out the old ideas for g-code editing and simulation. Build something new. Something better.

That's what we did with GWE.

Old School Machining
A G-Code Viewer for Experts and Beginners
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Machinists need a second opinion on part programs. G-Code isn't exactly English, after all. Sometimes g-code programs have bugs that are hard to see without a little help.

So we built the dream g-code viewer:

- It knows your controller using a "post" just like your CAM program.

- It has a sophisticated graphical backplot and simulator so you can view your g-code toolpaths.

- It does in depth error checking and includes a special "Hints" view that tells you everything about each block to give you even more information about what your part program is doing.

- There's even a set of Wizards to streamline insertion of new g-codes, and there's full integration with our powerful G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator so you can edit your program.

Whether you're a g-code expert, or just getting started learning the g-codes, GWE has capabilities for every skill level and it will make a better, faster g-code programmer out of any machinist.


View. Simulate. Edit. Revise. Debug. Power to the Machinist!

Check it out. We know you'll like GWE, the G-Wizard G-Code Editor and G-Code Viewer.



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Our Guarantee

We value your privacy, we do not spam, sell, or share your information.
But, we need a working email to activate your software!



G-Wizard G-Code Viewer

G-Wizard G-Code Viewer and Editor (GWE for short)...


Silky Smooth G-Code Viewer, Backplot and Simulator

G-Code Backplotter and Simulator

GWE G-Code Viewer, Backplot and Simulator...

  • Multiple views including Top, Front, Right, and Perspective, just like your CAD/CAM program
  • Simulated 3D toolholder makes the action come alive
  • Plots the toolpath motions so you can view just what your g-code is doing
  • Panning, zooming, and rotation
  • Playback in the simulator with the familiar Cycle Start, Feedhold, Single Block, and Rewind commands
  • Variable playback speed from 0 - 100%. Move quickly to get to the part that's interesting and then slow it down to understand what's happening
  • Graphical backplot viewer animates during playback so you can keep track of where you are
  • Detailed feedback of coordinates, spindle rpm, feedrate, and coolant status during playback, just like on your CNC machine
  • Detailed feedback of g-code modes at each step during playback, such as whether G17, G18, or G19 plane is selected
  • Work offsets G54-59 all the way through extended work offsets G54.1 P1 - P300
  • G52 Local Work Shift
  • G92 Coordinate System Setting
  • G51 Coordinate Scaling

Everything you need to verify your g-code part program is doing the right thing is right there when you need it.


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G-Wizard works on PCs and Macs. It requires an Internet connection once every 2 weeks. Detailed System Requirements available here, but for most people it just works.





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