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Guide to CNC Feeds and Speeds
for Specific Materials

Feeds and Speeds Basics



This page lists articles that have tips, techniques, and feeds and speeds information for specific materials. To get general Feeds and Speeds information and general techniques, visit our Complete Guide to CNC Feeds and Speeds home page.

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Feeds and Speeds Guides for Specific Materials

feeds and speeds for wood

Feeds and Speeds for Composites: Material Guide

Feeds and Speeds for Tungsten Machining: Material Guide

Feeds and Speeds for Wood: Material Guide


Coming Soon:

Feeds and Speeds for Stainless Steel

Feeds and Speeds for Aluminum

Feeds and Speeds for Plastics

Feeds and Speeds for Titanium

Feeds and Speeds for Super Tough Alloys

Feeds and Speeds for Brass and Copper





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